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So the Spright editors set out to answer the question: The Wunder Unders fit, feel, and perform in a way that our testers feel justifies the price. But some of the cheaper options put up a great fight, including pants from Athleta, Target, and Forever The ones to skip? Spending just a little more brings a huge leap in quality — and you can spend way less without sacrificing too much.

Molly tested lululemon size 4 for running and yoga. Listen, I tried to resist these pants due to a self-imposed lulu ban Naked women yoga pants the wake of some shady business practices and a jerk CEO but the pants really are fantastic and flattering.

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I feel great in them and even sometimes save them for my hardest yoga classes of the week just because they add a little bit of confidence to every posture.

Caitlin tested lululemon size 8 for yoga. These pants are expensive, yes, but they are every bit worth the money. They also trump any other lounge wear I own. Molly tried C9 Champion size small for yoga. For the price, these are great. The material was a little rough, but might get better with more washes. But overall, these are good, especially for the price. I would recommend these to a friend looking to spend less on this staple.

Jackelyn tried C9 Champion size small for high-intensity work and stretching. These pants were okay. Also, some Naked women yoga pants space around Naked women yoga pants crotch made the pants an awkward fit. They got the job done, though. Though still not cheap, they fit and feel the best of any of the less-pricey-than-lulu options.

Molly tested Athleta size extra-small for yoga.

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These definitely seemed like the best of the less expensive pants. Caitlin tested Athleta size small for running and some errands. I was surprised to fit in a small. The length was great. I liked the weight of these pants — breathable but still thick, quality material. I enjoyed lounging in these as well as running. Molly tried Zella size small for yoga.

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I wore them to my most rigorous minute hot yoga class — which I usually reserve my favorite pants for. They were great during class, but after, it took them a long time to start to dry out. For a day of lounging or errands, however, they would work great. Caitlin tried Zella size medium for a run. These pants feel as thick as lululemon but not quite as breathable. However, they kept me warm on my morning run.

The fit was pretty good — better than the lower-priced pants I tried. They were comfortable to Naked women yoga pants in. However, for slightly more money I could buy lululemon or Athleta, both of which I preferred overall. The best-performing lower-priced option — but only if you get a good fit for you.

Ursula tried Forever 21 size small for running and core exercises. I was pleasantly surprised: Caitlin tried Forever 21 size medium for a running hill workout. I kept having to hike them up when I was running. These pants have two pockets, one in the waistband for keys and cards and a bigger one on Naked women yoga pants outside thigh.

Molly tried Forever 21 size small for hot yoga. For the price, these are a pretty great option.

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The drawstring came out in the wash! Good pants, especially Naked women yoga pants cooler climates — but for the price, just buy the lulu.

Ursula tested Lorna Jane size medium for running and body weight exercises. I could probably have worn a small — the top kept slowly scooting down my hips, even after I tied the drawstring as tight as it would go. Jackelyn tested Lorna Jane size small for yoga, running, and high-intensity training.

I loved the feel of these pants. They were a bit tight, but they kept everything in place and the thick fabric moved with me as I ran and jumped into lunges. But I felt extremely hot the moment Naked women yoga pants put them on, as the fabric was not very breathable.

I liked the idea of the zipper pocket being at the hip instead of the back, but the execution drove me nuts: Overall, these pants did the job, but the finer details make the price point too high.

Molly tested Lorna Jane size small for yoga and general life tasks. T hese are the most expensive ones? They have a zip pocket, which is good for valuables but who is really carrying valuables in a yoga class?

I found the top with the drawstring to be a little bulky. Awkward fit, strange styling choices, and uncomfortable waistband make these an easy pass. Jackelyn tried Adidas size small for running, high-intensity training, and yoga.

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These pants were only OK. The top band is thick about 5 inches in width and parts of it kept folding over. The fit of the crotch area was a bit loose. My butt looked really good, though, and I felt very athletic.

Ursula tried Adidas size medium for running. I appreciated the thick waistband, but these pants were not my favorite. Molly tried Adidas size small for yoga. Affordable, but too thin and unstructured to feel comfortable in public.

Molly tried Old Navy size medium for a Naked women yoga pants walk. I wore these for the two mile walk to the office and felt self-conscious the whole time. They feel very thin, so I was worried the whole time that they were "Naked women yoga pants." I was probably wearing a size too big, which contributed to them feeling flimsy.

Ursula tried Old Navy size small for hiking and jogging. These pants are very affordable, but I felt like I definitely was getting what I paid for — low quality to go with the low price. The pants also stretched out over the course of the day. These pants fit and move well for a variety of workouts and never felt skimpy or cheap.

Double-check the fit before buying, and knot the drawstring before washing. We Naked women yoga pants 8 pairs of black yoga pants to the test Besides yoga, we tried runs, gym workouts, and basic errands Lululemon, Athleta, and Forever 21 — really! Last updated on October 7, I was an indoor kid who grew up dancing and dreading the gym. When I moved to California, I discovered the outdoors. Now I'm swimming, biking, or running somewhere most days of the week.

I've been a newspaper reporter, an entertainment editor, a user experience researcher, and a decent baker.

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