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Pregnant after 9 months of hookup


I'm here because I'm pregnant obviously and i just need some advice. The father of my child and I had a fun, playful, no strings attached sort of situation.

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He was the only guy that I was hooking up with but we hadn't made any moves to become serious. For the five-six months that we were dating he would tell me he missed me. We would talk on the phone all the time. Seriously you would think that we were in the 9th grade.

I was spending multiple nights a week at his house and he actually gave me a key. On February 29, I took a home pregnancy test because my period hadn't come that morning. And my period is like clock work. It was positive and I was overwhelmed with anxiety and emotion. When I told him, to say that he wasn't happy would be an understatement. Now for the past two weeks he has really tried to push an abortion on me. And the thing is, I've had one and I vowed that I would never do that again.

Sometimes I just wonder if it's selfish for me to have a baby in a situation with two parents who aren't together.

I just wonder how long it will take for him to come around Anyone have experience with this. That was way fast, i mean you miss your period that day and in the Pregnant after 9 months of hookup it showed positive result.

I think this was the initial reaction from your bd, everything was way too fast and its hard for him to adjust that easily since you are just getting to "Pregnant after 9 months of hookup" each other. The talking and the key thing sure is one way to show that somehow you are in a relationship but not yet official, but then the news about pregnancy and baby is just overwhelming! It will took months before everything sinks in. It took me a month or more to confirm and accept i was pregnant and my bd wants abortion as well, but i no.

If i can remember it right it took him to realize that the baby was important, when i showed him my ultrasound. He isnt around in our lives, and i am trying so hard not to expect anything from him. We had hard times but things will be better. Just enjoy your new sweet peA! I am due May 8th and my little girl is the product of a friends with benefits relationship that has lasted four years.

We don't talk on the phone really but have consistently hooked up every weekend over that time period. Pregnant after 9 months of hookup was shocked when I told him and then started pushing for an abortion. I'm 30 and doing well for myself so there was no way.

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It has been a roller coaster though. He is 29 and this is the first child for both of us. After realizing I was going through with the pregnancy he kept coming around and we continued hooking up.

He freaked out after seeing the first ultrasound pic cause it made it real and then he gave me the silent treatment for 3 weeks. Then he came around again and even went to the gender ultrasound. Right after New Years he became distant again and we actually went two months without seeing each other and he only texted me once that whole time.

He finally contacted me last weekend and was over and got to feel her kick. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he ignores me again because seeing my baby bump and feeling her makes it so real. Pregnant after 9 months of hookup think he believes the out of sight out of mind theory too much. Anyway sorry it's long, but my situation is basically he's in and out. I miss his friendship and the great consistent sex!! I just try not to have any expectations of him so I don't have to get let down again and again.

I hope he's involved when she comes and that we can have a good coparenting relationship but only time will tell. Best of luck though! I hope everything works out for you and when you are down or frustrated with him just remember that the most important part of Pregnant after 9 months of hookup life is growing inside of you.

I'm in the same kind of situation. He has limited interaction with me. He prefers to blame this entire situation on me. I try just to keep in mind that my son is what really matters in all of this. Will really I think you should leave him alone if he want to be in the baby life let him come around don't chase after a guy that can come and go. Not experienced but I am currently experiencing it. Pretty much the same exact situation. I've said I already feel like a bad mother bringing a child into a single parent home.

I told him and after...

I've also had one Pregnant after 9 months of hookup years ago and never would do it again. So I take this as a blessing whatever God plans are I know they're what's right. So i think we will both be just fine. Hopefully the fathers will realize they have a blessing coming and be a part of their lives in some way. Good luck to you.

It's amazing how selfish they can be. But thank you and congrats to you too!! Us single mamas got it. I had a very similar experience, he didnt contact me for a few months after we found out it was going to be a boy. Then he came back and apologized for being distant, that he was having trouble coming to terms with the idea of being a parent.

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In the end he has stepped up, he was there for the birth and spends at least a few days each week with us. I haven't let him have unsupervised or overnight visits with our son yet due to ebf, and my own inability to be away from my son that long.

I have an 8m old baby girl and my experience was very similar. Me and BD were together for a little less than a year, and he begged me and threatened me and did everything in his power to get me to abort. Having had one abortion before like u I flat out refused. Fast forward, he was there for her birth and he tried to be there for me, but when someone isn't ready, they just aren't ready so, we are not together.

I raise my little girl alone and I work full time. I make a good living so I ask him for nothing and I let him see her when he wants which is about once per week for an hour or so. No child support, no formal arrangements. And bc of that, he's never tried to take her outside my house.

That said, raising a child alone is not easy. But watching your child grow, hearing her laugh, feeling those cuddles As I type, she's strapped to me in her carrier asleep. I can't put her Pregnant after 9 months of hookup bc she's teething, and I don't mind one bit. You are not selfish for raising her alone, you are giving a child a chance at life--a good life--with a loving mom. There is not one day or even one moment where I regret my decision.

I may have hard days but it's all so worth it. You'll know that the moment you hold your LO. The choice is yours--if your going to make a mistake, make your own mistake, not someone else's.

Follow your heart and good luck! My baby's father and I weren't dating long. We had only spent the one night together.

When I found out, he pushed for abortion. That wasn't an option for me. He then said he wanted nothing to do with us, and I didn't hear from him since the week I found out.

My baby boy was born last week. I felt obligated to send a photo and info just in case, as a heads up so he could expect to get papers about Pregnant after 9 months of hookup support. At first, I got a generic "congratulations" in response, so I asked if he was still not acknowledging he has another child he has 3 from a previous marriage. He didn't respond and I had a really hard time with that, wondering how someone could abandon their child.

Well, a couple of days ago, I got an unexpected text apologizing and saying he would like to help. I don't know exactly what that means, but it's a start. I did tell him he needs to be serious or not bother, though, if he wants to be in his life. I refuse to let my baby boy go through what I did when my dad left and did nothing but break promises ever since. I'm now waiting for him to think hard and decide what he wants. I'm pretty much in the same boat.

He allegedly had his ex Pregnant after 9 months of hookup at the same time although she was 5 months ahead of me. I think she faked her pregnancy because she magically miscarried at 6 months btw but anyway, he's been wishy washy.

posted by gramcracker at Pregnant after 9 months of hookup on February 9, decide to pop out a sprog, they have sex a few times a week for a month or three. Are there any other women out there who is pregnant as a result of a one night stand? Also does the I now have a wonderful five month old baby boy and feel sorry that his daddy is missing out Dec 26, at PM. I told him and after deciding to keep the baby let him know that he could to move overseas) for ~4 months when I found out I was pregnant.

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