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You are so sexy in spanish


Some people will tell you eres. I hope we can avoid having that argument.

When I tell my English...

Some of these might get you in trouble, but you asked, so from here on out you're on your You are so sexy in spanish, LOL. If none of those get the point across, nothing will. There's something in that list for every dialect of Spanish. Radically depends on where you are. In each country is different because it is a cultural issue rather than a matter of language. So, you must first know who and where you intend to say this, and then you should see what is the way to say it in that place.

And this answer got one vote? You might enjoy this song: Log in Sign up. How do you say "you're hot" in Spanish? And you know what possessive pronoun is in Spanish. Are you kidding Azabache? Well he didn't exactly specify now did he?

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Already a user on SpanishDict? Sexy is perfectly acceptable English koanword in modern Spanish, and it is very colloquial. If you want to express the concept of sexiness more for ally, you. You are "You are so sexy in spanish" fucking sexy. You look hot in that cepe-sc.infoás más sexy que el carajo. Te ves buena en ese vestido.

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b. estás más sexy que la mierda (informal). I love your deep voice. It sounds so encanta tu voz grave.

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Suena muy sexy. 2. (so interesting). a. muy excitante. Playing the guitar is so sexy. Girls love it.

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