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Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide


This guide is meant to be used in conjunction with Alyri 's trophy guide and also assumes you've read that one. If not, then there's a link to it below. This guide will help you obtain the platinum trophy for one of the most unique stories ever told.

Guide Rating 29, Views The guide will help to obtain these trophies:.

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This guide was compiled by playing the Vita version of the game, which has the in famous English translations. Therefore, names of missions, implements, areas, skills, buffs, and enemies can differ when playing the PS4 version.

For Sword Art Online: Hollow...

These are some abbreviations that are used throughout the guide:. These missions are depicted as circles on the map. These circles come in various sizes and colours. The sizes tell which rank a mission is: Completing Hollow Missions will earn you Area Points, which in turn increases the area gauge.

Rank 2 and 3 HMs will show up after the area gauge reaches lvl 2 and 3 respectively. Almost all the circles are cyan, these are normal Hollow Missions. Bosses for each area have purple circles and the red ones are related to the Grand Quest and Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide Hard Quest.

Over time you'll also notice a brighter circle appearing within these cyan circles. This is a time limit: It'll randomly appear again after a while. This time limit is different from the timer that appears in the lower right corner of the screen when starting a Hollow Mission.

You can ignore the recommended level advice that's on the same pop up note as the time limit. That would be for players who never use buffs, Sword Skills, and OSS chains and only rely on auto-attack. Note that the purple and red circles have no time limit. After entering a map with a Hollow Mission, it can be started by going to the light Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide circle on the mini-map.

Hollow Missions can have one of two objectives:. They can only be completed while a Hollow Mission is active and only one can be active at a time. Implements are best described as grindy tasks. At first there are only 19 available and completing each of these 19 will unlock multiple others. However, you can't work on just any one of them. The list in the game uses increased indents to depict which ones need to be completed first before others become available. We've done our best to recreate that list with all the indents.

Each category has its own table and Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide the first one will enable players to see all the others in that same category. The way these tables should be read is as follows: Completing 2 will unlock 3, 4 unlocks 5, and completing 5 will unlock 6. Once an implement has been completed, it must be implemented at the Control Area console with.

Also note that during a Hollow Mission you can't switch between implements. Both the PSVita and PS4 version requires players to complete and implement implements, though the trophy has been known to pop a bit earlier at too.

Implementing them requires Hollow Points, which is also one of the rewards from completing Hollow Missions. It's recommended to grind implements in multiplayer mode MP mode without an AI partner in order to avoid excessive losses of progress due to accidental deaths. AI partners get in the way a lot, because they will automatically fight enemies once you engage them or once they are attacked. Should you die during MP mode, the game will auto-save and transport you back to the Control Area and you keep all progress towards implements and things like items, exp, etc.

It does not auto-save when going to another map, therefore be very careful when opening the Hollow Area map. Implements have various effects: Skills must be purchased with Skill Points in the Skill menu increasing a weapon mastery with 10 points will yield 1 Skill Point. However, equipment must be farmed from NMs in Aincrad. The implement will tell which NM on which floor you must farm.

This can be increased in various ways and they all stack:. In case you already sold it, those can be bought from the shops on floor 76 in Aincrad. Below is a list of useful buffs and skills that are recommended to use for the implements. The implement list will refer to these buffs and skill, so use this table to quickly find out how to unlock them.

In case you don't have Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide skill points to unlock these buffs, you get 1 skill point for every 10 weapon mastery. The quickest way to raise weapon mastery is by using auto-attack on enemies that are above your level.

This part will list some strategies that are too lengthy to put in the tables and are used for lots of implements. The implement tables will refer to these. Burst Attacks are used with. Depending on the weapon used, different chains are possible.

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For example when dual-wielding, a 4-chain combo is possible before you're forced to use a Sword Skill, which doesn't count towards the implement.

There are also implements that requires Just Attacks, which are timed Burst Attacks. When using a Burst Attack, there will be a circle around Kirito that gets smaller see image on the right. Most of the time you can spam Burst Attack chains even when the Burst Gauge is empty and it'll count. Also when dual-wielding, you'll get two tallies towards the implement for every enemy hit with a Burst Attack. And it's possible to lure a few groups of enemies, unleash a Burst Attack chain, side dodge to skip the interval between Burst chains, and repeat until the implement is complete.

It's also recommended to lower your attack as much as possible to keep enemies alive longer, so use the Defender role in MP mode. A good area to do this is Sacred Sword Remains in Arlebast. When the HM starts, avoid the 4 knights in the central room.

Go north from the central room and open the door. Now go back and lure the 4 knights in the central room and the 2 Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide in the right room. Make it back to where you opened the door slowly as to not lose the 6 knightsignore the minotaurs, and go right to lure the 4 Gold Kobold Knights the 5th one is a NM, "Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide" best to ignore him if you're too underleveled. Lure the 4 knights in the central room, then finally go left and get the attention from the Skeletons.

Now you have an excellent mob to use for burst attacks and all enemies are lvl Once the mob is dead, exit MP mode, then restart it to respawn all enemies. Completing implement 32 Reduction of Risk Increase of Side Step will reduce your risk when using Just Step, which is useful for implement The skill can be used with.

For those 3 implements Ext Onslaught needs to be fully recharged.

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When dual-wielding, every usage also counts for 2 tallies towards the implement and you don't even have to wait until the skill hits an enemy. So spam away to quickly finish them. Use the Rank 2 mission Attack! During that mission 3 lvl NMs spawn. Kill 2 of them then leave and reenter the area to make them spawn again.

To quickly complete these implements, get the Crimson Gauntlet from implement 62 Crimson Gauntlet. That equipment ignores enemy defense, so you can deal lots of damage. Remember that simply clearing the implement does not award you with the gauntlet.

A complete walkthrough for the...

You need to farm NM Gluttonous Rafflesia on floor 88 and hope it drops the gauntlet. Using different ones will power each consecutive Sword Skill up. When recording one, activate the next Sword Skill exactly when the purple flash appears.

This will take a bit of practice to master the timing. Once it's performed, save it and the recording is complete. You'll now have a bit more time to activate the next Sword Skill during combat.

For Sword Art Online: Hollow...

Though it's possible to use OSS Combos without recording them. Keep in mind that you can only record one OSS for every weapon style.

As stated in the Alyri's trophy guide: However, to use katana skills it's necessary to max out the scimitar mastery completely. This may sound like a chore, but katana skills are very useful for other implements and maxing out the katana mastery gives you access to some amazing buffs, which are needed to "Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide" kill HNMs in 30 seconds. Use the Defender role in MP mode to reduce your attack and activate implement 55 Additional Sale of D Value Impact Gearwhich increases your attack speed tremendously.

Using the following buffs will speed things up even more: This section lists all the implements in the game and their requirements. Most of them also have strategies on how to complete them, while others refer to the strategies that are in the previous section. The table also mentions HM Rank, keep in mind that this is the minimum rank you need to start to work on an implement, it's also possible to use a higher ranked mission.

Also note that the requirements for each implement is based on patch 1. This patch reduces the requirements for lots of implements. It's recommended to finish these implements as fast as possible, as the rewards will make the game easier:. For Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Game Manual". How To Port Forward Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment Fewer crashes when online; Improved connection; Overall better online Just below we have links to guides for Playstation 4 specific to Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment.

Linked: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Trophy Guide Complete Debug: Complete 80 different Hollow Missions ( are It's perfectly doable from lvl with the right setup (see Other Information for the setup).

Is he just being friendly? Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is packed to the brim with stuff to there's more of a connection between the other people in your party. For Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on the PlayStation Vita, GameFAQs has 4 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs)..

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Implemet Elements Explained & Useful Tips in SAO: Re: Hollow Fragment

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Sword art online hollow fragment hookup guide

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Sword Art Online Hollow Realization - Date Mechanics

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