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Nosler .243 70 gr penetration


I'm wondering what the inside of the 95 grain Ballistic Tip looks like in Anybody ever cut one apart? Copper and lead with a plastic tip. I smacked a grey fox with a 95 ballistic tip at Nosler .243 70 gr penetration 20 yds with one that was traveling approx 3, fps. I didn't get to see the inside of the bullet, but I did get to see the inside of the fox; it was sprayed all over the trees and leaf covered ground behind it.

Illegal immigrant is not a race. No, but I have seen them kill deer, fired from a 6mm Rem M from almost yards. If I used my for deer, that's what I would load. If three or more people think you're a dimwit, chances are at least one of them is right.

Gail was perhaps Nosler's most talented ballistician. Gail is and was a. Goodness only knows how many big 6X6 bull elk Gail took with the 95 and most of them with a single well-placed shot. I know of at least Nosler .243 70 gr penetration record-class Nilgai bull that Gail killed with the Nilgai have the well-earned reputation of being almost bulletproof.


The bull fell at the shot. This is one bullet that never had to go back for re-design. Yes, I've killed big game with the. I've never had to shoot any big game animal more than once and the animals either dropped in place or struggled for less than 20 yards. The single bull elk I killed with the grain fell as if electrocuted.

Naysayers will cuss and discuss the Ballistic Tip I'm only telling you what I know for a fact and I have considerable experience with the grainer and have found it to be a superb big game bullet. It is for this purpose that Gail designed the grain Ballistic.

Gail was justifiably proud of both Nosler .243 70 gr penetration 95 and the By the way, Gail pretty much killed stuff with two rifles. Literally ALL of his big game was slain cleanly with his. And for prairie dogs, varmints of all types and predators, Gail shot a Remington that he had barreled and chambered for.

Truly, many times, my friend Gail has whopped my ass seriously with his. Gail will always have my total and utmost respect as a man, a ballistician and a stone-cold killer. Wish you could be around more often.

243 Win Cartridge Guide

Originally Posted by dogzapper. I have shot coyotes with the grain BTs. I haven't shot coyotes for fur since the early s but, in my opinion, none of the pelts from animals I have killed with the 95s were unusable. I have never tried the grain BT, but would certainly give it a look based on Dog-Zapper's post Ben Nosler .243 70 gr penetration days it Nosler .243 70 gr penetration most of the day for me to do practically nothing When the 55gr 6mm Btip came out, a buddy gave 'em a whirl in his 6mm Rem Douglass barreled varminter.

Made for some pretty nasty looking dismembered woodchucks. Made such an indelible impression on another friend, that he went out and bought a new MADL, just to have something to shoot them in. I eventually got that bug and now shoot the 55 grainers in an old M in That bullet churns 'em pretty good. In my extensive experience blasting woodchucks, the 55gr 6mm Btip is nearly twice as destructive as my old standby 55gr Btip in the One year the buddy with the ADL, popped a deer with the 95gr Btip from the same rifle, at a lasered yards referenced above.

I suppose he was comfy taking that shot from the Harris, because he'd been doing that for years with other rifles and liked the way the new 6mm shot with the 55s and the 95s.

Countless young hunters shoot rifles...

He and I had both been killing deer with our s Nosler .243 70 gr penetration gr Btips, for some time, including a few beyond yds. Year or two later, he built a heavy barreled 26" Douglass 6mm06 and got to liking the 80gr version for longer pokes at 'chucks with that set up. IIRC, his longest kill on 'chucks with it, was around yards.

Glad to hear that the 95gr. She's a bit recoil sensitive so I thought they would be a good choice if they held up well. After reading this, I might have to pick up some and see how they shoot in my win.

I love the little rifle to death. As expected, it did wonderful on deer. Admittingly distances would have to be great, but re: No bullet is perfect under all conditions, but I think what some call a Marginal deer ctg, the turns into a dead reliable DEADLY deer round when the Nosler .243 70 gr penetration of today's bullets are used. The 95 ranks in my top 3 go to bullets whenever after deer. Other's will work, and work well, but there are 3 that I have ZERO reservations using under all and any adverse conditions, at any sane range.

LOVED the rounds lack of bark, bite, and Nosler .243 70 gr penetration bbl stayed cool shot after shot after Steve, hope life is well. Anyone have any experience with the 90 grain NBT? Is the 90 NBT as tough as the 95? Great Post, This kind of info is what makes hanging around this site worthwhile, wading through the bickering crap and to read this, Thank You. I just loaded this bullet in my and was going to switch to the gr partition, after reading DZ's writeup, I think I will stick with them as they shot pretty well the first time around.

Thanks for the info, good thread. Steve pretty well said all that need be said about the bullet. But, I'll add a skosh bit anyway. I never had one stay in game of any size and the normal sequence is drop the hammer and the critter goes right into the old Nozler Nap as I call it. If I hit big bones things get ugly but not as bad as with the two bigger slugs.

I even shot my whitey doe last fall at about yds with the slug. The bullet went thru both fronts and was found just about to exit. That is the only the 3rd NBT I've found in game of any size from big to small and I've taken several ark fulls of game with the bullets. I could easily hunt the world with NBT's and never look back. I've shot a ton of them but never taken any game.

If it acts like the gr. There is usaually an air gap at the tip connection area. The heat of the belt sander causes the plastic tip to melt into the air voids around the hollow Nosler .243 70 gr penetration. Originally Posted by cumminscowboy. I got banned on another web site for a debate that happened on this site. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. AdminGlobal ModMod. You are not logged in. Anybody ever section a Ballistic Tip 95 grain? Originally Posted by dogzapper The.

Quote Anyone have any experience with the 90 grain NBT? No, but they are both classified as hunting bullets. Puzzles me why they'd take a 5gr jump, though? I can comprehend 10, 15 and 20gr jumps in the same diameters, as providing flexibility in weight choices, but why a 5gr one, when only two hunting bullets are even offered in that diameter?

Dober "True respect starts with the way you treat others, and it is earned over a lifetime of demonstrating kindness, honor and dignity" Mark R Dobrenski ]. Originally Posted by cumminscowboy Originally Posted by dogzapper The.


I used a BT to kill a Bobcat in and blew a rather large exit hole. Never killed a Coyote or Bobcat with a I got banned on another web site for Nosler .243 70 gr penetration debate that happened on this site. Switch to Threaded Mode. # - 03/26/12 PM 55 or 70 gr "Nosler .243 70 gr penetration" tips for coyotes with They'll give large temporary cavity wounds, but they'll have enough penetration to exit.

The actual Nosler Ballistic Tip is a great hunting bullet and designed with a My Lady hunts with a and shoots Hornady grain pointed soft point boat tail bullets.

Being solid copper the Barnes bullets are going to penetrate deeper than any I just got a new to me Winchester Model 70 in Item 50 - For varminters, the Sierra 70gr Blitz-King and Hornady 75gr V-Max offer a Where deep penetration and better weight retention is required, you need When coupled with H and a 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, the will.

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