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Shoot your cum on my face


The sex we see online or in movies is a different beast to what actually happens in bedrooms around the world. I aim to do two things on this site. I want to help you overcome your shortcomings. And I want to help you outperform most other men. So there are essential articles about how to get girls into bed in the first place, how to last longerand how to give them orgasms. But I also want you to go Shoot your cum on my face and beyond.

Shooting cum all over a girl is manly and impressive and makes you look like a pro. It shows just how much pleasure your girl is giving you, and it makes you look like the alpha.

Those thick ropes that pornstars shoot are not faked. Before we get into the meat, let me just clear up a common misconception about the strength of your ejaculation. You will not regret it! But the science disagrees. Sperm motility — which means how well your sperm swim — does affect fertility.

However, that does not at all rely on shooting your load further into the girl. To understand why some men cum more and how you can join their ranks, we need to go into some of the science behind what cum is made out of and how it works. This is all mostly made in the prostate and the seminal vesicles. Crucial to increasing and strengthening the force of your load is knowledge of what happens when you cum. Obviously, a huge part of a male orgasm is the thought processes that go along with it.

This is what happens in wet dreams, essentially. Heart rate increases, as does breathing. Shoot your cum on my face muscles tense and our blood pressure increases.

Shoot your Hot Load of...

Ejaculation ultimately releases all that tension. As this is happening, seminal fluids are building up. Sperm has been developing in your testicles all day, but those other fluids we mentioned above build up as you become more and more aroused. Those two things usually come together for men, but you can actually orgasm without cumming. This is especially common with a prostate orgasm, but you can get there during regular sex or masturbation as well.

This is important because the longer you take from the beginning of the Shoot your cum on my face orgasm to your ejaculation, the stronger it will be. Ultimately, you have that spontaneous muscle spasm that we call cumming. This you should be very familiar with already.

If you want to learn how to shoot, like 5 feet further, then watch this.

Watch Please Shoot Your Cum...

Do not miss it, or it might be too late. All that information helps you because of two major points. The first is that it gives you clues of how to increase the volume of your load. The average ejaculation comprises nothing more than a teaspoon of semen.

Watch Please Shoot Your Cum...

Try shoot a teaspoon of anything across a room and see what happens. The further it goes, the less noticeable it will be. But there are also technical difficulties involved.

Part of the process of cumming, as we mentioned, is that buildup of semen at the base of your penis. The more buildup there is, the more pressure is created. The more pressure, the stronger the release when you ejaculate. And the stronger the release, the further your cum will go. The key to staying aroused for longer without cumming is by strengthening your pubococcygeus muscles PC muscles.

The stronger they are, the more strength there Shoot your cum on my face be when they do push out the semen. In other words, not only will the amount of cum and the pressure build up, but the muscle contraction that shoots the cum out will be a force of nature as well. The first thing you can do, and possibly the least popular, is by abstaining.

By cutting down on the amount you masturbate, the more volume you will build up by the time you have sex. But abstinence will only go so far. There are other ways to increase your load, and they mainly have to do with what you put into your body.

The easiest way to increase the volume and quality of your load is to take special supplements. There are many possible supplements, the most effective being horny goat weed, muira puama, yohimbe bark, tongkat ali, and mucuna pruriens.

Amino acid supplements like arginine, lysine and carnitine, can also boost your sperm volume. These powerful supplements also give you a healthier prostate, stronger erections, and more powerful ejaculations.

A healthier prostate produces more semen, dramatically increasing your cumshot volume for you to shoot a lot further than ever before. Products specially produced for this purpose are probably the easiest way to build up your cum volume fast. Supplements are a good start, but you will need to make dietary changes to actually see results. Certain foods boost your semen load while others are toxic for it. The most important food to add to your diet is fish or fish oil, especially fresh salmon and shellfish.

Boosting your zinc levels will improve your testosterone, and increase semen production and sperm count. You can get more zinc from beans, walnuts, oysters, beef and chicken. Higher testosterone levels will pump up your libido, and give Shoot your cum on my face better erections.

Your overall health is also vital. Smoking, excessive drinking, and fast food are inevitably going to undermine whatever progress you make. Avoid them as much as possible to get the best results. Making these changes will also improve the consistency of your cum.

Cum that has just the right amount of thickness to shoot as far as possible without being weighed down or disappearing in mere droplets. As I mentioned earlier, squeezing your semen to ejaculate further requires fit and strong PC muscles.

Again, those are the muscles that help you hold your pee or cum in and which also make the ejaculation so much stronger. Kegel exercises have been used for decades to prime these muscles, and control their action. Tight PC muscles give women a tighter pussy, and deliciously stronger orgasms. It is no different for men. The beauty of Kegels is that they also stop you from ejaculating prematurely.

Furthermore, your erections will Shoot your cum on my face rock solid. After about two weeks of Kegels, you will be able to ejaculate farther away. You will also be able to control how long you last, turning you into a real stud in bed. If you want more tips on making sure your kegels are as good as they can get, go read my article on having multiple orgasms. That article is full of information that will change your life forever.

Staying fit in general increases sexual performance and your ability to shoot further. It makes you much stronger, and able to go the distance till she begs you to stop. Furthermore, your confidence and self esteem will be buoyed by hitting the gym. Once you have boosted your PC muscles and semen volume, it is Shoot your cum on my face to master the perfect technique for ejaculating. This requires timing, and mental control over the whole process. The ability to control ejaculation will mainly stem from your Kegels exercises.

You are more likely to dribble over during ejaculation if you come suddenly and without control. This is because you need to use the contractile power of the PC muscles to shoot your cum out of your penis. The following are important steps in how to ejaculate further:. It is important to consistently practice with masturbation before trying it out with a woman.

As with everything else, the more you practice, the faster you will perfect how to ejaculate further. Once you master how to ejaculate further, you woman will be crooning to her pals about you. What you like in a smoothie will differ from person to person. Some love green smoothies, while for others there is nothing less enticing. Try using different proportions. For an even more powerful and yummy load, add pineapple, honey, cinnamon, and apple juice if you want your cum to taste great.

That could be you! Get to know a bit more about me here. What can I do more. You are on the right track buddy…By taking Zinc you are producing more sperm count, and since it builds pressure within your testicles, the semen is going to explode on your first spurt but will start fading away due to the release of pressure.

One thing you can do to is Shoot your cum on my face do Kegel exercises in order to have the same distance on your second and third spurt. Remember, the key to shooting farther is based on three things: If you target these three then you are on your way to your first porn!

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